2020 ECORD and NESSC Summer School: "(Past) Climates and the Earth System"

PCES 2020 - Urbino, Italy - July 13-26, 2020

Understanding climate dynamics is becoming increasingly critical as our species continues to perturb the complex Earth system on geologically rapid time-scales. Modelling of climate dynamics on local to global scales provides insights into the evolution of climate in the future.

In parallel, the exploration of geological, biological, and chemical archives of past extreme climate conditions provides a crucial tool to test numerical simulations of climate, and an opportunity to study natural rapid climate variability with all feedbacks intrinsic to the Earth system.

The integration of reconstructions and modelling to assess the functioning of the Earth System maximizes the scientific return by allowing quantitative estimates of change as well as by providing key foundations for developing sound predictions of future climate, environment, ultimately needed to develop a sustainable future.

(Past)Climates and the Earth System (PCES2020) offers a student-centred environment that promotes this integrative approach to the Earth System Sciences, with a focus on (the reconstruction of) the functioning of climate and biogeochemical systems in the geological past.

The course will provide PhD students and post-doctoral scientists with theoretical and practical teaching on crucial themes of (paleo)climatology including climate and carbon cycle dynamics and modelling, continental ice volume, climate sensitivity to CO2 forcing, tipping points and techniques of past climate reconstruction, notably applied to climate system under warmer-than-present-day conditions.

The course price is 650€ if you register no later than March 31, 2020.
Late registration penalty: 100€

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